PRO Thinking Practical Training with Visualization

  • December 9 - 15
  • 8.5 h total
  • 150Br
  • Minsk, Hmelnickogo 7
PRO Thinking Practical Training with Visualization
  • What should happen for you to feel professionally fulfilled?
  • You don’t know or don't believe in your strengths?
  • You don’t know how to use your strengths not only to build a successful career but to live with never-ended interest in life?
  • You want to grow on your life professionally and personally and be fully engaged with what you do?

All these questions will be answered during our PRO Training!

What PRO Thinking Is

There are so many startups in the world that help people to live the better life. Take one more step to be closer to making a change for the better in your life. To help you develop as a PRO we will use the same methods and approaches that startups do:

  • Understanding your uniqueness
  • Making connections with the needs of the real world
  • Breaking your ideas down into manageable steps
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Getting inspiration from experts
  • Finding relevant people who support you

As the result you get a practical plan for you to implement to feel professionally fulfilled. Whether you want to find your area or want to move to a new level in your work - you are welcome!

Learning by Doing

Its a known fact that in order to develop as a real PROfessional it is not enough to get theory from lectures, books or articles. People can think or talk about their intentions thorough unlimited number of time, but until they take real action, they run in place.

The PRO Thinking training includes three modules to make you feel confident about your current or future work, become fully engage with what you do and love the way you live:

  • Exploring Day — the one-day workshop where we create a friendly environment in a group no bigger than 12 people.
  • Learning Week — during the week you will continue self-paced learning having a lot of practice and making life observations.
  • Sharing Evening — we will meet to use the power of community and be ready to step forward into realization of your ideas further.

For Whom

  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Experienced professionals, who would like to change the road or already changing it.

What You Get

  • Practice in self-awareness development during the training
  • Establish the connection between what you want to do with the needs of the real world
  • Turn your learning into manageable steps to be professionally fulfilled and enjoy what you do 

Working Language

  • All training materials are in English
  • Working language (English or Russian) is selected with the learners at the training.

Entry Requirements for Learners

  • No specific requirements. Everybody is welcome.

Participation Fee Special Offer

  • 95 Br if paid by December 6, including.
  • 110 Br if paid during December 7-8 including.
  • 150 Br if paid on December 9, the training day.

Special Offers

  • 10% off for you and each of your friends who comes on your reference! Specify your friend when enrolling for the training!
  • 5% off for you for repost in social networks. Send us the link to your repost when enrolling for the training!

6 Reasons to Attend

Training Schedule and Program

  • Step 1. Develop self-awareness. What are the activities you inherently loved? What are the things at which you naturally excelled? What does inspire and motivate you? Developing practical skills only comes after figuring out where you want to go further. We will get you to what gives your energy and what is important.
  • Step 2. Make connections with the real world. What are you looking to change? How to move from just telling what you want to do to getting feedback about its impact. How to use your purpose to help others? When you know your uniqueness you need to figure out how to take next steps. However, when there are too many opportunities it is hard to choose something specific. To feel your impact you need to connect what you are good at with the needs of the real world.
  • Step 3. Learn the way how to do things to feel professionally fulfilled. How to express your ideas in a clear way? How to define a problem what to learn? How to break down your ideas into manageable steps? When you find out your field of work and direction of the specialty it is time to fly high. Expand your horizons by defining new learning topics. We will finish with the Market of Ideas. You would be able to find like minded people to do some great things together.
  • The Exploring Day is just the beginning of your journey. During the week you will start self-paced practicing to move closer to experiencing your ideas. You won’t be alone. You will be surrounded by a community of like minded people. We will communicate online where you'll get the help you need, when you need it. You will practice researching, making clear connections in your learning, building habits and using the Visual Techniques.
  • The learning cycle is complete only after sharing your new knowledge. The Sharing Evening is a meetup when you will use the power of community to get feedback and look at your ideas from another perspective. You will practice presenting ideas to others, getting the feedback and will create steps to motivate yourself for the further development.

About the Trainer

Natalie Yadrentseva
Natalie Yadrentseva

Natalie is passionate about bringing together practical psychology and business to create a better world. A business solution architect and a consultant with over 10 years of experience working with big IT-companies across the world. She focuses on using data visualization techniques to speed up understanding of situations and further actions. A speaker at the international conferences in the fields of the visual facilitation, continues improvements and learning organizations. A big fan of the wilderness, meditative practices and a good cup of coffee.

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