Let’s play PIANO

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Let’s play PIANO

Lessons of PIANO in English!

2 in 1 ! Simultaneous learning of English and playing the piano!

Individual sessions

Teaching children from 5 years and adults without age restriction!

Piano lessons to help you get started on the piano; learn piano theory, piano scales, and piano modes; improve your counting; learn popular songs; develop your improvisational skills; and much more!

Where: Wherever there is a PIANO! 🙂

Organizations and individuals, contact us, and we will organize piano lessons in English wherever it suits you !

STEMBRIDGE already did it! And we are already there!

Private Institution of Education “High School Stembridge”

Nezavisimosti ave. 117, Minsk


Beginning: September 2018

Individual schedule. Enroll now on the site to set the time that suits you.The duration of one lesson is 60 minutes.


Trial lesson- 5 bel.rub.

One lesson-30 bel.rub.


4 hours -95 bel. rub.

8 hours-180 bel. rub.


Got questions? Contact Valeria Viber / WhatsUp / Telegram +375 29 625 67 47