How to Pay

Please see the Russian version of the page here: How To Pay Russian Version (opens in a new tab).

Placing Order

Please carefully read our contract-offer (opens in a new tab) before placing your order.

1. To place an order, go to the page with the membership plans Apply Now.

2. Select the best membership plan for you and click on the corresponding Apply Now button.

As a result, the Checkout page opens:

3. Fill in your details on Checkout page. Privacy Policy (opens in a new tab).

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Who Referenced You? – the phone number of our learner who recommended us to you
  • Coupon Code – discount code (for example, for recommending new learners).

4. Press Place Order. You will see the confirmation page about the successful order placement:

The e-mail address you specified during ordering will receive a confirmation letter on the successful order placement:

We will contact you via phone to confirm your order.


You can pay for our services using bank transfer at any convenient bank service point – Internet Bank, using mobile banking, info-kiosk, cashier of banks, ATM, etc.
You can make payments using cash, electronic money and bank payment cards at bank service points that provide services for receiving payments, as well as through remote banking tools.

In order to pay via Internet Bank:

  1. Select “Custom payment” menu item
  2. Enter payment details indicated in contract-offer
  3. Check the correctness of the information
  4. Make the payment.

If you make the payment at the bank’s local checkout, please inform the cashier on the payment details indicated in contract-offer.

Upon getting money on our bank account, the e-mail address you specified during placing the order, will receive the confirmation letter about successful payment:

Refund Policy

Сustomer has the right to receive payment refund for a month in case Contractor did not render services due to the fault of Contractor.