Technology Trends in 2017

Technology Trends in 2017

IoT and Smart Home Tech

The future says to us we all be living in smart, connected homes. As soon as the biggest companies, like Google, Amazon, and Apple, already brought uniforming user experiences to a new level, we can expect a lot of improvements on this point in the nearest future.

AR and VR

When first VR apps were released and gained positive feedback, thousands followed. The market is definitely ready for AR and VR and once we have devices and tech ready for AR and VR versions, a lot of opportunities to open next.

Machine Learning

Google already enhanced their core search engine algorithm. This year machine learning is entering almost any type of consumer application we can think of, from offering the best product recommendations to improving user experience of any analytical app.


Automation is a mainstream in 2017 replacing even previously human-exclusive tasks. When automation is combined with machine learning, everything can improve even faster, and we can see some jobs disappearing faster than we could imagine.

Humanized Big Data

Big data is really a buzzword in 2017. Massive quantities of gathered data can help us in everything from healthcare with better planning of medical treatments to executing more personalized marketing campaigns.

Physical-Digital Integrations

Today we already have things like site-to-store purchasing together with enabling online customers to buy and pick up products in a physical retail location. Today big companies go further in mixing between physical and digital realities, for example, Amazon starts having more physical products, while Walmart starts having more digital features.

Everything On-Demand

As the result of Uber success a lot of “Uber-like” startups got built which allow people to have everything on demand via phone apps.

In 2017 more and more apps appear for food delivery, places to stay and even going to more strange domains and features.

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