Which Industries are Best to Work in Belarus

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Which Industries are Best to Work in Belarus

1. Block chain

The industry requires good programmers, high-quality PR specialists (with knowledge of English and Chinese) and project managers (especially from gamedev).

2. Robotics

The main thing here is to have a cross-platform profession: a robot engineer can work anywhere in the world.

3. Fintech

First and foremost, marketers and project managers are required. But classical banking employees do not fit: you need digital skills.

4. Online Education

First and foremost, producers and packers of courses are required who develop watchable content! ENGO 🙂

5. Agro

People who know modern technologies are wanted. This is, first of all, good logisticians, financial directors, financial managers, engineers.

6. Big data

All people who are connected with large data are in demand wildly – from analysts to programmers.

7. Alternative energy

The industry also requires people who know the technology professionally.

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