English Immersion Family & Friends Camp & Slumber Party in Belarus at Lake Naroch! ! 17-19 June 2019

English Immersion Camp & Slumber Party at one of the coolest farmhouses in Belarus  at Lake Naroch!

It will be 3 days of English language immersion with Valeria-the cofounder of ,  her bilingual daughters #anglobelarusachki and authentic American tutor Kristi!  We’ll have a full schedule of  Belarusian and American-inspired activities and snacks ( beside 5 meals per day included by our hosts:))! We will learn how to bake traditional Belarusian bread and make common American snacks:  s’mores, iced tea, and apple pie, play American board and action games, ride horses  and visit vintage cars & samovar exhibitions,  do crafts, watch movies in English and enjoy self made fresh popcorn! In addition to this, we will be learning about the things that American children do at this type of party : songs, word games, building forts, etc. We will only be speaking English for these activities! Join! More info & Enroll  or contact us +375296256747