Creative Learning Environment

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Creative Learning Environment

Today the fast-paced global economy seeks professionals with mind flexibility and ability to adjust to constant change rather than follow a traditional path. It’s evident that learning environment should also satisfy current needs.

Modern classrooms changed a lot from those of the past. Attendees do not necessarily sit in rows of desks; tutors are working alongside attendees than lecturing in front of them. Learning environments today embrace the variety of places, ideas, and people that the modern world demands. Learning environments today reflect the flexibility of space, time, people, and technology.

We combine two thinking approaches associated with creativity: divergent thinking and convergent thinking

Divergent thinking is close to brainstorming: we find as many solutions to our problem or task as we can. On the contrary, convergent thinking has at its core quality. We apply our judgement in order to figure out which solutions are more effective and promising.
Both, divergent and convergent thinking, promote creativity and quality outcomes of our cognitive processes.

We believe hands-on learning should be inherent part of our classes

A well-known learning pyramid claims that learning methods from less to the most productive are: lecture, reading, audiovisual, demonstration, discussion, practicing, teaching others. We put our attention to the last two points due to their proven effectiveness. We practice instead of only listening.

We love experimenting with classroom layout

Different learning activities are exercised during a class, such as presentations, discussions, debates. We change desks and tables arrangement according to learning needs. We create a creative atmosphere this way. Students feel comfortable moving end exchanging ideas. Easily reorganized classroom layout keeps creativity literally flowing in the air.

We have shifted from tutor-oriented lessons to learner-oriented ones

Tutor is a mediator of discussion, creating arena for meaningful debates. He or she is in charge of finding a balance between structure and freedom in the classroom. Learners work collaboratively and assess each other instead of being evaluated only by their tutor. Relationships between tutors and learners include high expectations, mutual respect, modelling of creative attitudes, flexibility and dialogue.

Assignments have unlimited formats

We practice “open-ended projects”, the ones which stipulate a learner to make his or her own choice on the format of the assignment. It can be a presentation, a research paper or a movie.
We motivate not only learners but also tutors
A tutor who is interested in the topic being discussed, and in learners development, respond by better results and higher rate of involvement.

We boost natural curiosity and creativity

Learners are given real-world problems to think about. They feel not only involved into research and investigation process but influenced by the result of it. Every discussion, opinion, decision really matters and has its consequences in the future.

We encourage play and manage failure

By creating environment for play and experimentation we help our learners to loosen up in their efforts, to understand there is no right or wrong answer. Therefore learners are not afraid to fail but ready to try as many options as possible and take a risk.

We set achievable goals and celebrate success

A learning process as any other improvement in life haves a goal. Learners have an action plan, so by completing each new point of it they feel satisfaction and reward themselves. That gives additional motivation to move forward and open up inner creative resources.

Through Creative Learning Environment our learners develop collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity.

Our learners get enormous motivation, become goal-oriented and confident in themselves.

Welcome to ENGO to be thrilled to follow your story of development and success!